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Second Number is a business oriented app that provides a second phone number as well as calling, texting, and voicemail features, designed for workplace collaboration with your team as well as with customers.


Other things you get

Do Not Disturb mode

Perfect when you need time to yourself


Add an extra level of security to keep your personal info safe .

Inbound calls

Choose which number is shown when you receive calls.

Go Anonymous

Text or call someone with our anonymity feature.


Forward calls and/or texts to another phone number.

WIFI Usages

Make and receive calls over data or Wi-Fi.


I got a new phone number for my business selling custom chairs and desks. So much easier to delivery the order when I have a dedicated number and can call and text customers with it. Now when my main phone rings, I no longer have to wonder if it is a customer or not.

Jason Randewich
Plans & Rates


7 days trial
0 min
10 messages


$1.99 /month
20 min
60 messages


$4.99 /month
Unlimited calls
Unlimited messages

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Second Number is available on both Android and Apple phones. Install and get your custom second phone number in just a few steps. Click on the App Store or Google Play buttons below and get started.

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Security and Privacy
Why would I need a second number?
"If you don't want to share your personal phone number in every situation or want to separate business from personal matters, getting a second phone number will do wonders. You may need it for a range of things, such as: social media, dating, rentals, web forms, co-workers, ghosting, shopping or even sharing secrets, among many more uses."

"For small business and entrepreneurs, a dedicated second phone number used only for business instead of your personal phone number will make doing business way easier and faster. Who wants to call a business number only for a person to answer it like their normal phone. Because you know it is a business phone number, you know it is related to your business and can respond accordantly."
How does Second Number keep my personal number private and secure?
"All inbound calls and texts are routed to the app instead of your personal phone. The person calling or texting you will only see your second phone number. If you do not want to answer a call or cannot accept it at the time, the caller is sent to your Second Number voicemail, where you can customize the greeting."
How long can I keep a phone number?
"You will need to purchase a monthly plan to get and continue using a number and so long as you have a plan, you can use the number as long as you need. If you want to stop using the number, just do not renew it at the end of the monthly term."
Can I use more than one phone number on the app?
"You get a phone number of your choice when you purchase a plan on the app. If you have 3 plans, you will have 3 different phone numbers and can easily switch between them on the app. Each number has a separate texting and calling area, so sorting and using them is simple."
What phone number can I choose and from what area code or state?
"You can choose any number that is displayed in the selection area when you make a purchase. We offer thousands of numbers from every state and area, so long as the area code is available. Some area codes are no longer available as they are all taken and we can only offer those area codes when we find some from our carrier."
If the app free?
"We offer a 7 day free trial which allows you to send up to 10 texts so you can see how the app and system works. The monthly plans range from $1.99 - 4.99. The $4.99 plan gives you unlimited texts and phone calls. If you are running a business, a phone number solely for your business is worth investing in and our plans are very affordable while offering everything your main phone number can do, plus more."
Can I call or text any phone number in any country?
"At this time, the app only supports the +1 country code, which is the United States and Canada."
What countries can I buy a phone number from?
"You can only buy a United States or Canadian number."
Can I purchase a toll-free number?
"At this time, we do not offer toll-free numbers."